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Our research

The research we are conducting is ongoing. So far, we have collected data from about 50 European fashion brands that design and sell various products – jeans, formal wear, casual wear, jackets, dresses, shoes, handbags. We selected firms from contacts we have from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) and from attending trade fairs. All of the firms we spoke to outsource their production to foreign countries, like – Turkey, Tunesia, China, Bangladesh, Nepal, and India, to name a few.


We share the results in several different ways, this web site being one of them. We also publish articles and reports from the data and hold industry symposiums. We work on applied research and as such create output that provides practical value for industry; examples include the tools and models on this site. And we are also academics who have a strong interest in progressing theoretical knowledge for our academic and teaching communities. We therefore also publish academic articles and teaching material.

Our Research

SERP is lead by academic researchers and professors from CAREM. Students at the International Business School at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and at the Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam have been and continue to be involved in the collection of data. They join the project and then focus on a particular topic within it to write their final thesis. They receive close guidance and supervision from the lead researchers to ensure the integrity and quality of the data and analysis.


Our researchers

The Sustainable Entrepreneurship Research Platform is lead by Dr. Lori DiVito, Associate Professor at the International Business School, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Each year, we have a team students participating in SERP projects. 


Academic researchers

Current researchers

Dr. Lori DiVito, PhD, Associate Professor, International Business School

Dr. Willem van Winden, Professor Amsterdam Knowledge Economy 

Ms. Zita Ingen-Housz, Researcher, Amsterdam Knowledge Economy



Dr. René Bohnsack, Assistant Professor, Amsterdam Business School


Student Researchers

Amsterdam Business School

University of Amsterdam


Amira Boulahrouz

Florentien Wissels

Marieke van Horen

Lonneke Kuijstermans

Nathalie Vermeij


International Business School

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences


Christina Radtke

Dionne Andrews

Sabrine El Azear

Matthew Delogu

Kijana Jahanseir



Elise Guit

Carolin Kuenzner

Tuanh Lam

Carlijn van Drenth



Thais Taylor

Gabriela Suruceanu

Charelle Felix

Toyah Siegel

Lori DiVito

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