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Our reports, theses and resources are free to download and use. Please cite appropriately.

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Case Studies
Case studies

This case study identifies three major obstacles for sustainable entrepreneurs doing business in Nepal and shows how they try to manage them. 

A collection of stories about the trade offs that sustainable entrepreneurs make

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Information sheets
Information sheets

This information sheet explains the quadrants of the Sustainabiilty Adoption Matrix. 

This is a brief introduction to institutional isomorphism, background and examples in apparel.

This is a brief introduction to sustainability and the triple bottom line.

A short overview of challenges in the apparel / fashion  vlaue chain according to the three spheres of the triple bottom line

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This study is about Fair Wear Foundation member collaboration to address sustainability issues at common suppliers. It hightlights alignment of goals and motivations of members' collaboration.

This master thesis by Alinde Scholten is a multiple case study of multinational headquarters influence on subsidiary sustainability practices. It looks at flora-agricultural multinationals.

This master thesis by Marieke van Horen is a multiple case study analysing how brands use coercive pressure to change suppliers' sustainability  

This master thesis written by Lonneke Kuijstermans is a multiple case study of how small fashion brands adopt sustainable practices for supply chain management

This master thesis written by Amira Boulahrouz compares luxury fashion brands sustainable practices through content analysis.

This master thesis written by Florentien Wissels compares Zara and H&M and uses content analysis of their communication about CSR practices before and after joining the Detox campaign. 

A compilation of three bachelor theses on small Dutch fashion firms

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